Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The meaning of obama presidency

Obama chooses Elena Kagan for supreme court. Nice someone who never been a judge ever get the pick. I know obama wanted someone to join him in learning on the job but this is just crazy.

Now also this president is wanting to cut our military pay. Why so they can't afford his healthcare and food for the family. This president will do anything to hurt this country. I know i harp on you to stand up and be heard but really stand up this president don't know what he doing.

If this was a republican president the media would call him unfit and a whole bunch of other stuff. If this admin. want to be taken seriously Obama here my 5 step plans for you.

1. Stop all foreign aids except to allied that are true friends and not made up friends like Pakistan. When that done put money into miltary pay for our troops. Also put some away in a rainy day funds.

2. Put troops on the borders and have them look for any tunnels and ways for illegals and drugs pusher to get in this country. Then also put troops on Canada border to counter the america hate brown people chanting.

3. Remove any people that are tied to communist or illegal groups from position of power. This would prove that you have america values at heart. Plus get rid of the backdoor deal makers.

4. Admit that fox news is not the enemy and get rid of the teleprompter. It's time you started speaking the truth to the American people. You sound so smart when you have yes people and a teleprompter at every news presser. Lose it and explain yourself in your own voice.

5. Tell iran to stop the nuke building or else. Entice russia and china to help us without losing any positions to them. Tell russia that Chechnya is getting help from iran. Tell china that Islamic terrorists will come after them next if they succeed in wiping out America.

These are a few things that can help you Obama but what do i know i'm just a commonsense conservative. I love my country and don't want it to fall into the abyss. You want social justice i want real justice and freedom to live my life.
Make your choice.

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